Welcome to Mforecast (Beta)


Our algorithms generate the forecasts automatically. The validation section provides insights into the accuracy of the algorithms. You only need to upload the data and hit a button!


You can dynamically change the forecast horizon. All forecast and validation plots are resizeable. Get dynamic forecast reports in different formats within seconds after forecasting.


It takes our algorithms usually 5-10 min. to compute your forecast. The computing time depends on the characteristics of the time series (length etc.). Gain knowledge about the future fast!

The Mforecast App comes with following features:

  • Automatic
  • Multi-steps ahead (1-12 months)
  • Validation
  • Dynamic plots
  • Easy downloads
  • Forecast intervalls

The Mforecast App provides an easy way to forecast monthly time series. All you need is to upload your time series and hit the forecast button!

Mforecast (Beta) is online! 100% free!