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For the planning of the further expansion and the grid connection of the offshore wind turbines in the German Bucht basic meteorological data are fundamental. To estimate fluctuations and energy yields, all available data should be used. High-resolution water-time series of German coastal levels, which - after subtraction of the tidal part (called "wind stau") - contain valuable information on the prevailing wind in the German Bucht have been disregarded in this context.

Project goal

Within the scope of a one-year preliminary study, the project will investigate whether wind stau in the form of long-standing wind stau time series can be used as a reliable proxy for the wind climate in the German Bucht. In addition, it will be examined how the data can be used to determine the power output of offshore wind turbines. This should mean that the volatile power output is better predictable.


Only a combination of several water levels along the German North Sea coast allows the determination of the target size wind speed, because depending on the wind direction and speed they show significant local differences in the windstorm between the Gauges. The determination takes place by means of suitable statistical methods and Machine Learning.


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